James. H

Nov 18 2018

Since beginning my relationship with Reliant Management Consultant in 2017, my business, Harris Technologies, LLC has grown into more efficient and established entity. The team at Reliant Management are dedicated people with integrity in what they do. Personally, as a small business owner, I really needed the resources and the expertise in business management – that is what they delivered. Resources that they have provided are based on best business practices, standards, cutting-edge business management software and tools. Delivering and educating me on the latest relevant breakthroughs as it relates to business management in my industry and business/ This company is a true management company that delivers what they promise and even more. On numerous occasions, I have sat down with Richard after hours and he explained the details of what I needed to know. That is the type of service I was looking for, which enables people like me to grow my business via guidance from a professionally implemented management process. I would strongly recommend this company to other companies small/large, colleagues, and friends that are in need of competent accountants and business management consultants.